Research and Projects

The University of Chicago is home to a number of digital humanities projects and a thriving community of scholars devoted to digital studies. 

Recent Student Projects

  • After the Award: The Booker Prize and Cultural Capital by Matthew Aspeel: A study of the circulation of cultural capital that uses social network analysis to examine connections between literary prizes and book reviews.
  • Mapping Generic Features of Russian Scientific Fantasy Through Distant Reading by Grace Dwyer: Uses a combination of natural language processing and topic modeling methods to examine stylistic and thematic features in Russian science fiction of the early twentieth century
  • The Ghost of Magical Realism in World Literature by Stefano Cognato: Analyzes the lexical cohesiveness of magical realism as a narrative mode using word vector analysis and supervised classification techniques. 

Digital Humanities Forum

With support from the Humanities Division, this forum brings together faculty and graduate students from across the campus to discuss the latest in digital methods. Speakers come from both the University of Chicago and outside the university to discuss state-of-the-art research in the field and to help begin a broader conversation about what the digital can bring to humanistic inquiry. The talks are open to the public and lunch is provided. More information can be found on the DHForum website.