DIGS Students and Alumni

Current MA Students

Class of 2023 Masters Students

French, Allora
Kim, Joshua (BA/MA student)
Kim, YonJoo
Li, Chong
Li, Jiaoyang "Luna"
Li, Yujing "Jade"
Liang, Shiqi "Suki"
Liu, Jiayu "Kathy"
Liu, Muyun
Ramaswamy, Bhuvaneshwari
Stuever-Williford, Marley
Wang, Chongwei
Wang, Tianyun
Wang, Zijie "Felix"
Yan, Zhaoyang "Tommy"
Yip, Hiu Wang "Nicole"
Zeng, Jiaxuan "Jason"
Zhang, Bofan
Zhang, Botian "Chris"
Zhang, Tongtong "Crystal"
Zheng, Feiyang "Gavin"
Zhou, Yuxuan

Recent Graduates and Thesis Topics

Alumni: have an update? Let us know!

Bickel, Megan (Masters, 2022)

He, Sasa (Masters, 2022)

Hernández, José Angel (BA/MA, 2022)

Li, Sylvia (Masters, 2022)

Liu, Hailey (Masters, 2022)

Liu, Stephanie (Masters, 2022)

Solis, Joseph (Masters, 2022)

Sparks, Jode (BA/MA, 2022)

Su, Buyu (Masters, 2022)

Wang, Zinan (Masters, 2022)

Marissa Abara (Masters, 2021)

Thesis: "American Media’s Role in the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020"

William Acevado-Sideri (Masters, 2021)

Thesis: "Inland Empires: Using Game Systems to Inspire Critical Thinking in Disco Elysium"

Nicholas Aoki (BA-MA Linguistics-DIGS, 2021)

Thesis: "Do Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris Imitate the Accent of Their Audience at Campaign Rallies?"

Boone Ayala (DIGS minor/History, 2019)

Guadalupe Blanco (Masters, 2021)

Thesis: "‘Because I Can y Porque Quiero’: Exploring Identity and Resistance in Spanglish Musicking"

Sofiya Boroday (BA-MA Linguistics/DIGS, 2021)

Thesis: "La Bayadère, Orientalist Ballet, and the Problem of Authenticity"

Camilla Branas (DIGS minor/Economics; English, 2021)

Yuexin Chen (Masters, 2021)

Thesis: "Lin Yutang’s Versatile Authorship: Bilingual Social Commentaries through the Eye of the Machine"

Ziqi Chen (Masters, 2020)

Keane Costello (Masters, 2019)

Barbara Dietlinger (DIGS graduate certificate/Music PhD, 2021)

Paula Domingo Pasarín (Masters, 2020)

Brooke Engerman (Masters, 2020)

Peter Forberg (BA-MA Sociology; Media Arts and Design/DIGS, 2021)

Thesis: "Critical Design as Theory, Experiment, and Data: A Sociologically-Informed Approach to a Digital Humanities Project Centered on Visualizing Networks of Loss"

Zonghao Gao (BA-MA Economics/DIGS, 2021)

Thesis: "Autonomy in Medical Ethics"

Rebecca Husk (Masters, 2021)

Thesis: "Gamification in Fitness Apps: Beneficial, Ineffective, or Dangerous?"

Chen Ji (Masters, 2021)

Thesis: "The Paradoxical Harmony: The Subordinations and Independence of the Courtesans in Taohua Shan"

Jonathan Kim (BA-MA Classics/DIGS, 2021)

Thesis: "Varias Fabulas Conseram:  A Computational Grounded Theory Approach to Religious Relationships in Apuleius’ Metamorphoses"

Junshu Liu (Masters, 2019)

Signe Odelbo (Masters, 2021)

Thesis: "Chicago’s Central Manufacturing District: Remembering America’s First Industrial Park Through Pictures and Maps"

Shiyi Peng (Masters, 2020)

Nadiah Wong (DIGS minor/Comparative Human Development, 2019)

Yue Ying (BA-MA Economics; Media Arts and Design/DIGS, 2021)

Thesis: "Rediscover Hong Lou Meng with A Digital Lens"

Chi Zhang (Masters, 2020)

Thesis: "Post-Truth in Social Media: Identifying Twitter as a Post-Truth News Platform"