DIGS Students and Alumni

Current MA Students

Bickel, Megan

French, Allora

He, Sasa

Hernández, José Angel (BA/MA)

Li, Chong

Li, Sylvia

Liu, Hailey

Liu, Stephanie

Solis, Joseph

Sparks, Jode (BA/MA)

Su, Buyu

Wang, Zinan

Recent Graduates and Thesis Topics

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Marissa Abara (Masters, 2021)

Thesis: "American Media’s Role in the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020"

William Acevado-Sideri (Masters, 2021)

Thesis: "Inland Empires: Using Game Systems to Inspire Critical Thinking in Disco Elysium"

Nicholas Aoki (BA-MA Linguistics-DIGS, 2021)

Thesis: "Do Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris Imitate the Accent of Their Audience at Campaign Rallies?"

Boone Ayala (DIGS minor/History, 2019)

Guadalupe Blanco (Masters, 2021)

Thesis: "‘Because I Can y Porque Quiero’: Exploring Identity and Resistance in Spanglish Musicking"

Sofiya Boroday (BA-MA Linguistics/DIGS, 2021)

Thesis: "La Bayadère, Orientalist Ballet, and the Problem of Authenticity"

Camilla Branas (DIGS minor/Economics; English, 2021)

Yuexin Chen (Masters, 2021)

Thesis: "Lin Yutang’s Versatile Authorship: Bilingual Social Commentaries through the Eye of the Machine"

Ziqi Chen (Masters, 2020)

Keane Costello (Masters, 2019)

Barbara Dietlinger (DIGS graduate certificate/Music PhD, 2021)

Paula Domingo Pasarín (Masters, 2020)

Brooke Engerman (Masters, 2020)

Peter Forberg (BA-MA Sociology; Media Arts and Design/DIGS, 2021)

Thesis: "Critical Design as Theory, Experiment, and Data: A Sociologically-Informed Approach to a Digital Humanities Project Centered on Visualizing Networks of Loss"

Zonghao Gao (BA-MA Economics/DIGS, 2021)

Thesis: "Autonomy in Medical Ethics"

Rebecca Husk (Masters, 2021)

Thesis: "Gamification in Fitness Apps: Beneficial, Ineffective, or Dangerous?"

Chen Ji (Masters, 2021)

Thesis: "The Paradoxical Harmony: The Subordinations and Independence of the Courtesans in Taohua Shan"

Jonathan Kim (BA-MA Classics/DIGS, 2021)

Thesis: "Varias Fabulas Conseram:  A Computational Grounded Theory Approach to Religious Relationships in Apuleius’ Metamorphoses"

Junshu Liu (Masters, 2019)

Signe Odelbo (Masters, 2021)

Thesis: "Chicago’s Central Manufacturing District: Remembering America’s First Industrial Park Through Pictures and Maps"

Shiyi Peng (Masters, 2020)

Nadiah Wong (DIGS minor/Comparative Human Development, 2019)

Yue Ying (BA-MA Economics; Media Arts and Design/DIGS, 2021)

Thesis: "Rediscover Hong Lou Meng with A Digital Lens"

Chi Zhang (Masters, 2020)

Thesis: "Post-Truth in Social Media: Identifying Twitter as a Post-Truth News Platform"