Introduction to Programming

Computer programming

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DIGS 30000: Introduction to Computer Programming

"Introduction to Computer Programming" is an intensive three-week immersion program for DIGS MA students that is offered in September, immediately preceding the Autumn Quarter. DIGS 30000 is required as an introduction for incoming MA students who have little or no knowledge of programming.

MA students coming into the program with a demonstrable knowledge of programming from previous courses or work experience may not need to enroll in the introductory course. Exemptions will be granted on a case-by-case basis and will normally require an interview with the faculty director of Digital Studies. DIGS 30000 is technically a 0-unit course and as such is included in the cost of tuition. This means Digital Studies MA students are expected to achieve a passing grade in this course, but it will not affect overall GPA.

Other current undergraduate and graduate students at the University, including those who are pursuing the Digital Studies minor or BA/MA, are expected to enroll in the credit-bearing DIGS 20001/30001, which is concurrently offered in the September session as well as a full-quarter course in the Spring; or they may fulfill this requirement via a Computer Science course such as CMSC 12100, Computer Science with Applications 1, which is offered every Autumn.