Electives and Other Courses

computer programming

Electives are fulfilled through the departments and courses of the Humanities Division. At least one is expected to be a course in the humanities or social sciences that entails computational methods or explores the history and cultural significance of digital media or of computation in general. Additional electives can be in any department of the humanities or humanistic social sciences.

    Note that the list on this page is neither exhaustive nor exclusive, and classes on offer are subject to change year to year. 

    The student's chosen electives are to be approved by the faculty director of the Digital Studies of Language, Culture, and History program prior to the beginning of the quarter. Please contact the Program Administrator if there are any questions.

    Elective Course Examples

    Suitable electives are offered in several different departments and programs, including:

    In addition, a number of relevant courses in other departments are cross-listed in Digital Studies, such as the following: