M.A. in Digital Studies of Language, Culture, and History

Combining technical and humanistic courses, our M.A. program allows students flexibility to explore interests in a number of areas, including textual analysis, computational linguistics, historical or cultural studies, and digital arts and media.

Course Requirements

  • 11 courses over 3 academic quarters and the three-week September session.
  • 7 required courses, 3 elective courses, and 1 non-credit introductory course.
  • Students with little or no programming experience must enroll in the intensive Introduction to Computer Programming immersion course (DIGS 30000) which takes place in the three-week September session, immediately preceding the Autumn Quarter.
  • At least one of the elective courses must have a digital component; the other two electives can be in any department of the humanities or humanistic social sciences.

Course Sequence

September (before the start of the Autumn Quarter)

  • DIGS 30000. Introduction to Computer Programming (intensive 3-week immersion program)

Autumn Quarter

  • DIGS 30002. Basic Mathematics and Statistics for Digital Studies
  • DIGS 30003. Data Management for Linguistic, Cultural, and Historical Research
  • DIGS 30007. Issues in Digital Studies of Language, Culture, and History

Winter Quarter

  • DIGS 30004. Data Analysis for Linguistic, Cultural, and Historical Research
  • DIGS 30005. Data Publication for Linguistic, Cultural, and Historical Research
  • Approved elective 

Spring Quarter

  • DIGS 30006. Natural Language Processing
  • DIGS 30008. Thesis Preparation 
  • Approved elective 
  • Approved elective 

Summer Quarter (if necessary)

  • Completion of thesis project, in consultation with faculty adviser. The MA thesis will normally have both a software component and a written component.

Apply to the Digital Studies M.A. Program

Applications for the 2019-2020 academic year are now closed. '

We look forward to welcoming our next cohort of Digital Studies students soon. The application portal will open again for the 2020-2021 academic year in the fall of 2019. In 2019, the first-round deadline was January 15th with a second-round deadline of April 30th, and a similar timeline should be expected next year.

More general information and further detail can be found on the Division of the Humanities Admissions website.