M.A. in Digital Studies of Language, Culture, and History

Combining technical and humanistic courses, our M.A. program allows students flexibility to explore interests in a number of areas, including textual analysis, computational linguistics, historical or cultural studies, and digital arts and media.

Course Requirements

  • 11 courses over 3 academic quarters and the three-week September session.
  • 7 required courses, 3 elective courses, and 1 non-credit introductory course.
  • Students with little or no programming experience must enroll in the intensive Introduction to Computer Programming immersion course (DIGS 30000) which takes place in the three-week September session, immediately preceding the Autumn Quarter.
  • At least one of the elective courses must have a digital component; the other two electives can be in any department of the humanities or humanistic social sciences.

Course Sequence

September (before the start of the Autumn Quarter)

  • DIGS 30000. Introduction to Computer Programming (intensive 3-week immersion program)

Autumn Quarter

  • DIGS 30002. Basic Mathematics and Statistics for Digital Studies
  • DIGS 30003. Data Management for Linguistic, Cultural, and Historical Research
  • DIGS 30007. Issues in Digital Studies of Language, Culture, and History

Winter Quarter

  • DIGS 30004. Data Analysis for Linguistic, Cultural, and Historical Research
  • DIGS 30005. Data Publication for Linguistic, Cultural, and Historical Research
  • Approved elective 

Spring Quarter

  • DIGS 30006. Natural Language Processing
  • DIGS 30008. Thesis Preparation 
  • Approved elective 
  • Approved elective 

Summer Quarter (if necessary)

  • Completion of thesis project, in consultation with faculty adviser. The MA thesis will normally have both a software component and a written component.

Apply to the Digital Studies M.A. Program

We look forward to welcoming our next cohort of Digital Studies students this Fall. The Fall 2020 is now available and you may apply here.The deadline for the second round of admissions will be April 30, 2020, and we welcome your application.

More general information and further detail can be found on the Division of the Humanities Admissions website.