The Digital Studies staff are engaged in both research and teaching. They are not only experts in the computational methods used in the humanities but also well versed in humanities scholarship and understand how scholars work based on their own academic training and research experience. They support faculty research projects and teach the core courses required for the MA and joint BA/MA in Digital Studies and for the undergraduate minor and Graduate Certificate in Digital Studies. By working closely with both faculty and students, they are well placed to provide training and day-to-day supervision for student research assistants employed by faculty projects.

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  • Clovis Gladstone is the Associate Director of the Textual Optics Lab and the ARTFL Project and is a Senior Research Associate in the Department of Romance Languages and LiteraturesHe holds a doctorate in French literature from the University of Chicago and has many years of experience in developing software for the analysis of literary texts. He is the lead developer of the PhiloLogic system for full-text search and retrieval. He teaches “Introduction to Computer Programming with Python” (DIGS 30001) in the Autumn Quarter and “Digital Texts I: Corpus Building and Corpus Statistics” (DIGS 30031) in the Winter Quarter. He also teaches “Approaches to Digital Humanities Using Python” (DIGS 10000) as a course in the Summer Session.
  • Brooke Luetgert is the Associate Director of Curriculum and Instruction. She administers the Digital Studies degree program and provides guidance for students through all stages of the program, from admissions to graduation, while also supporting the computational research of faculty and students. Brooke holds a doctorate in economics from the German University of Administrative Sciences in Speyer, Germany, and has expertise in quantitative research methods and data mining. She teaches “Data Analysis I: Introduction to Statistics” (DIGS 30002) in the Autumn Quarter and “Data Analysis III: Deep Learning” (DIGS 30006) in the Spring Quarter.
  • Miller Prosser is the Associate Director of Research and Publications. He works closely with faculty members and their student assistants to organize and implement digital research projects through all stages of research, from the initial acquisition and analysis of digital data to its long-term preservation by the University of Chicago Library and its publication on the Web. Miller holds a doctorate in Hebrew and Northwest Semitic philology from the University of Chicago and has extensive experience in data management and data publication for the humanities involving all types of data, including texts, images, and maps. He teaches Data Management for the Humanities (DIGS 30003) in the Autumn Quarter and “Data Publication for the Humanities (DIGS 30005) in the Spring Quarter.
  • Sandra Schloen is the Technology Director for Digital Studies. She oversees the software and data management systems used by Digital Studies staff to support the research projects of faculty and students. She holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Toronto and a master’s degree in education from Harvard University. Sandy has more than forty years of professional experience in software engineering and user training and works closely with academic projects to manage their data and help them employ advanced computational methods.
  • Jeffrey Tharsen is the Associate Technology Director for Digital Studies. He investigates, designs, and implements software solutions for faculty and student projects. He holds a doctorate in East Asian philology, poetics, phonology, and paleography from the University of Chicago and has expertise in advanced computational methods for philological and linguistic research and for data analysis and visualization drawn from decades of experience. He teaches “Data Analysis II: Data Visualization and Machine Learning” (DIGS 30004) in the Winter Quarter and “Digital Texts II: Advanced Topics in Textual and Linguistic Analysis” (DIGS 30032) in the Spring Quarter.
  • Andrew Wright is a Senior Research Analyst who supports the computational research projects of faculty and assists in teaching the Digital Studies core courses. In addition to his skills with a wide range of software, he is an archaeologist with extensive field experience, having worked at several sites in the Mediterranean and Middle East as an excavator and surveyor. Andrews has an M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Chicago and has particular expertise in geographic information systems (GIS), geospatial mapping, image management, and digital photogrammetry for 3D modeling of sites and artifacts.

Other UChicago Staff

The following University of Chicago staff and the teams they manage support the computational activities of the Universitys faculty and students. They provide technical advice, software, and services that the Digital Studies staff may use to support faculty and student projects in the humanities:


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