Media Arts, Data, and Design Center (MADD)

Link: MADD Center Website

The new Media Arts, Data, and Design Center at the University of Chicago, opened in early 2019 in the John Crerar Library, will create a 20,000-square-foot collaborative space for inquiry and experimentation at this transdisciplinary crossroads. A partnership between UChicago Arts, the Physical Sciences Division, the UChicago Library, and the Division of the Humanities, the center will support work and research by faculty, students, staff, and community partners with cutting-edge technology.

The MADD center will be a home for a number of University initiatives and activities, including:

The Hack Arts Lab (HAL), an open-access digital fabrication, prototyping, and visualization facility operated by UChicagoArts.

The Weston Game Lab, building on the work of the Game Changer Chicago Design Lab, which offers expanded and centralized resources for the study, play, and development of analog, electronic, virtual and online games. The Library’s electronic games collection will also be relocated to Crerar.

An expanded Computer Science Instructional Labs (CSIL), a Physical Sciences Division facility providing hardware and software for training and education.

The UChicago Library’s Kathleen A. Zar Room will house the Research Computing Center Visualization Lab, boasting new data visualization technology, instruction sessions, symposiums and workshops focused on research, teaching, and learning.

Also in the Kathleen A. Zar Room, the Library’s GIS Hub will enable geospatial research and learning activities by providing access to geographical information systems (GIS) software and hardware and an expert GIS and maps librarian who offers consultations and training.

Expanded space and other resources for the teaching of Media Arts And Design and Media Aesthetics in the College; for electronic music in partnership with CHIME Studios in the Department of Music; and for Virtual Reality and other courses in Cinema and Media Studies and the Department of Visual Arts.