MA Thesis Project

Each student’s M.A. thesis project will be co-advised by the Digital Studies Senior Lecturer and a faculty member. The faculty adviser may or may not be someone whose own research entails digital methods; expertise in that area is provided by the lecturer. Thesis projects that involve collaborative software development by groups of students will be encouraged. 

Project Timeline

Students must consult a faculty adviser and gain approval for their MA thesis projects no later than the eighth week of the Winter Quarter. Students will enroll in the Thesis Preparation course in the Spring Quarter. Some students may be able to finish the thesis during the spring; however, in most cases, students can expect to complete it later, with the completed project due at the beginning of August. Students who continue their project into the following summer will not need to register for any further courses at that time and thus will not be required to pay for additional tuition or maintain residence in the Chicago area during the summer.

Students who have completed all the requirements of the MA program except the thesis are welcome to march in the June Convocation. Students who plan to continue working on the thesis during the summer are encouraged to consult the Digital Studies program administrator, confirm their expectations with their faculty adviser, and make any necessary arrangements well in advance.